Wednesday, October 05, 2005

For all of the years that I have suffered in silence over my girth, I wish that I could finally say that my recent weight loss was due to diligence, dedication and hard work. It's not.

It's a very simple secret, really, one that I want to share with anyone else who is stuck in a Weight Rut like me.

First, the scenario: I used to carbs all day long. Very little veggies, certainly some meat, but the majority of my meals were comprised of bread, cereal and sweets.

The solution: Give up Gluton.

Now that I don't eat wheat (forced to do this because of recent, ongoing stomach problems) I have shedded the 19 pounds very easily. Certainly, I eat a whole lot less than before, mostly due to the fact that 1) I am not stressed out and 2) I am not working and eating out everyday and 3) Food has lost its "confort" appeal to me.

It took a lot of research to understand all of the foods that contain gluten. Thanks to Whole Foods, a local grocery store, I was able to download shopping lists. Easy. The most difficult part was Just Saying No when a cinamon roll or cheese cracker was offered to me.

Waiter: Fresh Berry Cobbler?
Jill: No.
Waiter: Homemade chocolate chip cookie?
Jill: No.
Waiter: Bowl of strawberries?
Jill: Sure.

Now that I'm losing weight, I see many body changes happening. As if my bloated, bulging stomach wasn't bad enough, now there is something really strange going on. There's a weird skin shelf developing right above my scar from surgery. Whatssup with that!

With much more weight to lose, the future doesn't look I've already notified Husband of my intention to get things Tucked if needed. He's 100% cool with that, though he isn't bullish on the belly button ring idea.