Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I Miss You, Man.

Blogs are funny things.

They give you insight into the mind and emotions of a person you don't know. Sort of like the stranger who sits next to you on the airplane and unloads during the duration of the flight. This is different, though, because you can get a daily dose of that person and learn how they overcome their struggles or see things from their unique perspective. And a connection develops in the form of curiosity and entertainment and education and fondness.

I miss two of my daily reads: notdonnareed and alexa. I click on my Favorites link...and they are suddenly gone, finito, kaput.

I didn't like it when Calvin & Hobbes ceased to exist and now...this too has thrown me a bit. I've enjoyed reading about Alexa's amazing, healthy transformation and I always chuckled at nondonnareed's caustic humor. Plus, we both moved to Colorado around the same time and I felt we shared some similar transition experiences.

It's so odd to feel connected to something that is unknown yet intimate. And I feel ever so slightly miffed about it all and I can't really explain why. It's like when I finish the current Janet Evanovich novel and I know it's going to take her another year to publish the next version. I get miffed because my interest and curiosity and desire to read more cannot be filled.

The only other comparison that I can make has to do with an ongoing disagreement that I have with my Husband. He keeps trying to sell me on the benefits of Temporary Art. Outdoor sculptures designed to be washed away with the next downpour. Chalk drawings on a sidewalk. Canvas art that is created with the intention of being destroyed after a specified period of time. I think all of this is silly. I like permanency, things that I can count on to be there.

I have a problem with things that go ***poof***

There's been too much of that going on this year.