Wednesday, October 19, 2005

It's a Losing Battle.

The conversation, as I can best recall:

Dad: I'd like to hold-off before you get that electric stairlift chair ordered.

Jill: Why?

Dad: I don't think I need it.

Jill: Dad, I'd like to have it installed because I think there is a safety issue.

Dad: I understand but I think I can handle the stairs just fine.

Jill: Dad, you can't walk.

Dad: I feel better today than I have in a long time.

Jill: Dad, you can't walk. Your legs have given out and you have to crawl to the bathroom. These are somewhat steep stairs and there are about 15 of them in total. I get pooped going up them. What's the problem, is it the money? It isn't as much as you think!

Dad: Listen, I don't need it. I'll be just fine.

Jill: But Dad...You Haven't Been Able to Walk For Over 3 Weeks.

Dad: Enough said. I don't want it and I'm not paying for it.

Jill (flying around the room like a balloon losing air): Let's call Denise and get a second opinion.

Dad: No.