Monday, December 19, 2005

Misc. Dribble

Nothing new or exciting to report. I've got a 1.5 hour massage scheduled today to get the knot out of my left chicken-wing. It's the size of a tomato, and my left arm ached all day yesterday. Which added to the irritability...which lasted all night long.

Family flies in tomorrow night so it's all about laundry and cleaning this afternoon. It is such a peaceful feeling to know that we have enough bathrooms and privacy for everyone now. In California, we had 11 family members stay with us and we all shared 1.5 bathrooms. And I still can't get over the fact that Husband's brother and wife insisted on showering together while we were all in the kitchen eating bagels and Cheerios...waiting for the shower ourselves. Yeech.

Our master bedroom has a small, gas fireplace. I turned it on last night (a splurge because I've been told that it's going to cost $15 per hour for the gas) and fell asleep with the amber shadows dancing on the ceiling.

Tomorrow morning a good friend is coming over to bake cookies all day. I'm not sure why, given the fact that both of us have wheat/yeast issues.

I need to run to the mall to buy some of this - to give to my neighbors for Christmas. Beyond that, I am done done done. No more wrapping, no more shopping. I bought this for our very dear new friends down the street and this for our good buddies up the street who have an amazing Pub in their basement. Can't wait to play a game with them!