Sunday, December 18, 2005

The move to Colorado was intended to accomplish many things.

1. Housing Affordability so I don't have to work the corporate grind anymore.
2. Space so we can enjoy a larger home without all of our neighbors watching.
3. Slower Pace to enjoy more hobbies and leisure time.
4. Health so I can stop the downward spiral and be a vibrant, happy soul again.

Items 1-3 have been completed and I am now working on #4. My neighbors have been seeing an alternative health doctor for many years, and they are incredibly energetic, active and...sparkly. So after talking with them about their nutritional plan, I decided that I wanted to "get me some."

I saw their doctor last week and he performed an iris scan on my right eye. From this, he was able to determine several things:

1. My gallbladder is performing below normal levels and not creating enough bile, which in turn is causing my stomach to produce too much acid to digest the foods I eat. This is the cause of my ultra-severe heartburn and indigestion. If I can get this under control, perhaps my throat won't fizzle when I go to bed at night...something that could be good for my marital relations.

2. My body is reeking from Candida, which also causes indigestion and itchy skin. I con confirm this to be true.

3. My estrogen levels are sky-high. He's planning to put me on soon as I fully research it and give him the Thumbs Up.

The AH doctor has put me on an assortment of supplements, including cod liver oil, two digestive aids and a very funny looking green capsule. I have been going through a major detox over the last three days with severe joint aches, migraines and muscle cramps. He warned me that this would happen and encouraged me to go the matter how uggy I might feel.

I've been so sick over the last two days that I've been weepy and witchy. I had to cancel two holiday parties and reluctuctantly went to one last night.

Husband: Did you pick out something for me to wear?

This is all very out of character. Getting Healthy is tuff work.