Thursday, January 05, 2006

Good Morning, Handsome.

Boss is striking his GQ pose for the camera...or really, he's just showing his disdain for the fact that I am on the floor, on my belly, cooing to him to come out from behind the couch and waving my left hand to catch his attention.

Years ago, a neighbor told me his trick in micro-photography of bugs on flowers: He'd take the insects and put them in the freezer for a bit so they couldn't fly away until he got his shot.

Not really an option for me...our freezer is packed with steaks, Texas Toast and banana bread.

Kidding, of course.

Husband and I decided yesterday that this is Home and we will never go back. Not for nuthin'. So life continues to be good, even though minor irritations attempt to disrupt my bliss.

My Cobra payment went up $85.00 per month. It's almost as much as our mortgage, dammit.

The first winter heating bill arrived and it's more than $500.00. Youch.

I took dad shopping at Target and we had this discussion:

Dad: Here, I want this.
Jill: For what?
Dad: To scrub my back in the shower.
Jill: Dad, it's a toilet brush. It'll rip the skin right off.
Dad: I know. But it's pretty bad back there.
Jill: (thinking yeeeech) Please put it back and I'll get you a kinder, more gentle back brush.
Dad: Nope. This is the one. (Plop into the scooter basket.)
Jill: (thinking yeeeech. Could this be considered elder abuse?)

Insomnia has hit me two nights in a row. My mind won't stop clicking through money worries. Now that I have spent the last of my bonus money on furniture, we will be living paycheck to paycheck. Theoretically, I know that we'll be OK. So why won't this incessant worry Go Away? I'm happy. I'm safe. I'm warm in my 69 degree heated house. My cats have kibble. And husband is working.

I suppose worry is just a plain 'ol bad habit that's hard to shake. Thank gawd that I don't smoke. My success rate at quitting bad habits is nil.