Friday, January 06, 2006

This and That...All Over the Map.

I don't believe in cloning - but if I did, this little guy would be my top contender. He is the most loving, snuggly and affectionate cat on the face of the planet. The fact that he's craggy and persnickety at times makes him even more lovable. I have always said, "He's the best $42 bucks I've ever spent."

My marriage license was a pretty good purchase too.

All of this got me thinking about value and how its not related to cost or status. I've bought plenty of things in an effort to improve other's perceptions of my status and/or success. I was feeling inadequate at the time because I had been pushed out of my position at a company where I had worked for 9 years. I was a victim of politics and a VP powerplay. Thankfully, my career ego recovered and I stopped buying things so no one would think that I was slipping down the career ladder.

I have also paid more money for things that I thought would add value to my life - and in a way they have - but not on a meaningful, visceral level. I am very clear that we are mere caretakers of the things that we "own." In all likelihood, they will outlast us and move on to another owner.

Of course, some items make that move sooner than the rest. I have made some really bad purchases over my lifetime and in retrospect it seems funny now.

The HealthRider, NordicTrac, Nike Slide, Rocket, ThighMaster and 30 other pieces of under-utilized equipment pieces.
The bright fuschia satin dress with the 4" wide belt and the satin shoes that I had dyed to match.
The 15 yoga video tapes that sit idle in a box somewhere.
The combination can opener-flashlight-hand mixer-pot scrubber kitchen tool.
The George Forman grill.
The pizza stone.
The Ab Cruncher.
The faux fur jacket that made me look like Sasquatch.
The Beanie Babies.
The Birkenstocks.
The Laura Ashley peasant dresses.
The pink and black rug.
The square dinner plates with the poodle topiaries printed in the middle.

Egads, I could keep going.

Now that I'm older and wiser (heh), I am spending less on the fad items. The only item that's caught my attention recently is a Pandora bracelet - which is on its way "out" of fashion. That's OK by me - I can get the charms on discount. I'm usually behind the times anyway.