Friday, February 24, 2006

Describe your wallet
This is my wallet. I have never, ever, EVER spent more than than $40 for a wallet...until my niece asked for a Dooney & Burke green Croco wallet for her college graduation gift. (Straight A's, great kid.) Sadly, I bought the wrong one online...and had it over three months before I gave it to her, so it couldn't be returned. So I decided to keep it for myself. I'm not into handbags or accessories so it doesn't really thrill me to have it. The good thing, however, is that I no longer carry my credit cards around in my clear plastic sleeve that was given to me with my former company id card. I haven't carried a purse for several years and people always looked at me strangely as I walked around the supermarket with my dingy, plastic sleeve bulging with credit, health insurance, and rewards cards...juggling it along with my single car key (I also don't carry a key ring). It was a klugy system, everything frequently fell out onto the floor. And I did it this way for about 3 years.

How do you like your coffee? Or do you even LIKE coffee?
Two cups every day with dry creamer and one teaspoon of sugar. Cannot. Live. Without. It.

Do you consider yourself religious?
I consider myself to be a Christian. I occasionally attend a women's Bible study but I don't attend church regularly at this point.

At the moment, which song would you most likely find yourself singing aloud or at least humming?
Never, by Heart

Was yesterday a good or a bad day for you?
Yesterday was a GREAT day. I enjoyed a 90 minute deep tissue massage to dig-out the knots in my back from coughing and sneezing so much over the last 10 days. I went to Tonys and bought a completely prepared dinner of stuffed pasta shells and a garden salad with buffalo mozzarella and basil - it was delicious. I received an order for 20 jewelry pieces from a shop in the area, and I took my Dad in for blood tests to one of the most beautiful health facilities that I've ever visited. And I sold to hospitals for over 8 years. I told Dad that if I ever develop heart problems...this is where I want to go. It's stunning and peaceful and warm and friendly. Really amazing.

What or who do you miss the most at this very moment?
My mom and my sister.

Do you wash your hair every day?
Never really have - I'm an every other day kinda girl.

Do you send out thank-you notes (snail mail) to everyone who ever sends you a gift?
Always. (Which is about 96% of the time for me.)

If you could have one more room added onto your house/apartment, what would you use it for?
Living in our last house was like being a size 12 but wearing size 10 pants every day. We just didn't fit. Now, we have plenty of space and the last thing I need or want is another room.

Name only ONE of your favorite brands of junk food.
Honeycomb absolute favorite chocolate.