Saturday, February 25, 2006

Finding the Happy Middle Ground

A good friend and neighbor is a highly successful real estate agent. I have been dealing with spurts of competitive jealousy as I try to map-out my future career.

Friend and I talked last night about the way I miss "being in the groove." It's an obsessive state of mind where I think, eat and breathe work. It's an inner challenge to prove others wrong, beat my best-ever results and be rewarded with a lucrative income. He suggested that we could work together in partnership - a generous and compelling offer. He and I share the same sales energy, integrity, and a passion to achieve.

It all of the things that made me go on Tilt last year. Yet I daydream about getting back in the rat race...earning the big bucks...feeling "successful" again...and operating from an obsessive state of mind with accelerating momentum.

Husband: You moved to Denver to get a life. If you do this you'll go right back to where you were.

Jill: I know. And then we'd have to move again.

Husband: Resist the urge, Honey. You're bright and successful just the way you are. And for the first time in a long time, you're happy. If you go into real estate, you'll be working 24-7. Remember talking last week about going to Italy for 2 months every year so I could study the architecture and you and kids could putz around? Forget about it. We'd never be able to do it. Taking this step will abolish every plan that you have made.

Jill: I know, but the money is amazing.

Husband: Who cares?

Sigh. We both agreed that if I was in my young thirties it would be a perfect career-move. But now that we are adopting two kiddo's, and I'm still exhausted from sprinting in the Corporate World for the last 18 years, this is not the Right Time.

But I still have those yearnings. The opportunity is rightthereinfrontofmesocloseIcantasteit.

Yum. And "tpluuey".