Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Four Things Meme

Four Jobs You've Had
1. Cashier at Straw Hat Pizza
2. Outbound telemarketer - B2B
3. National Sales Manager for several organizations
4. Director of Advertising for a national business publication group

Four Six Movies You Could Watch Over and Over
1. The Fifth Element
2. The Count of Monte Cristo
3. Braveheart
4. Jean de Florette
5. Beauty and the Beast
6. The Phantom of the Opera

Four Places You've Been on Vacation
1. Sundance
2. Amsterdam - France - London - Switzerland
3. Cozumel
4. Turks & Caicos Islands

Four Cities in Which You've Lived
1. Sacramento, CA
2. Palo Alto, CA
3. Corona del Mar, CA
4. Eugene, OR

Four TV Shows You Love to Watch
1. Law & Order
2. Law & Order SVU
3. Criminal Minds
4. American Idol

Four of Your Favorite Foods
1. Hamburgers
2. Roasted Veggie pannini
3. Seafood chowder
4. Potato chips with cottage cheese dip (liberal lemon pepper added)

Four Places You'd Rather Be
1. Go back in time to my Aunti Hazel's house for Christmas with the whole family
2. Turks & Caicos Islands (it's 5 degrees outside)
3, That's about it. I love where I am right this very moment.

Four Albums You Can't Live Without
1. My entire Jackson Brown collection
2. Trisha Yearwood, Jasper County
3. Beach Boys, All Summer Long
4. One Hit Wonders from Restoration Hardware

Four Vehicles You've Owned
1. Toyota Corolla
2. Mazda RX7 original body style, steel grey
3. Mazda RX7 new body style, red
4. Volvo 850 glt, black. AKA The Rocket.