Friday, February 17, 2006

She's Gonna Blow.

My anger is simmering like boiling water. Why didn't I see this coming? I was forewarned about the way they ran their business. The infighting, the power struggles, the pouting, the artistic sensitivities. And yet I thought that I was on track, helping them out for free, working closely with the Decision Maker.

I hired a small company to create a logo, gave them the creative directions that we had agreed upon and showcased their first-draft creative comps. Five in total. Unlimited revisions until we are happy. Several days and hours of my time invested in this. Until the Decision Maker called this afternoon to tell me that one of their designers saw the comps, thought she could do better and then recommended an art student she knew from church.

The project was pulled from me and given to the designer and art student.

My group was going to cost a whopping $245.00. Total. Which is absurd for the time it takes to create a logo. But they produce quality work and had thus far kept all of their promises and met their deadlines.

So now, I have to decide:

1. Do I even bother working on a brochure and preso, knowing that they too will be railroaded?
2. What choice words should I use to bow out...given that these folks employ my husband?
3. How do I keep myself from popping off and thanking the Decision Maker for Wasting My Time?
4. How do I smoothly maintain a friendship with the designer after she intervened and had the Decision Maker jettison me from the project?
5. How do I stop being miffed so that I can think about all of this with a clear mind?
6. Why should I think about this with a clear mind? I was donating all of my time and energy to help them at no cost.

The Decision Maker is thinking that he'll save $100 bucks by making this switch. But he didn't consider losing a resource. Me.

Hey, it's their company and they can operate as they see fit. I'm just not into being asked to do a job, taking action and following their direction...only to have all of my efforts thrown down the tube.

Why bother?