Monday, February 27, 2006

It's Official

I start working on my Master's degree for Education in two weeks. The most recent stats indicate that only 8% of the population has a master's degree. Most of my friends and former colleagues had MBA's from places like Stanford and undergrad degrees from Princeton. Of course, they grew up in homes with fathers who held executive positions and didn't get fired every few months. Hmm.

I just watched Dad cruise down our street on his Rascal. He's on his way to the supermarket and is thrilled to finally be out and about. His health hasn't improved all that much - but we both know that he needs to work harder at getting out of bed earlier in the day and soaking in some fresh, Colorado air. I'm sure the altitude adjustment affected him quite a bit - as well as the blisteringly cold temps. Thankfully, today is a balmy 70 degrees. It's gorgeous.

Now that I know that I'll be going back to school, I don't worry about being idle. Not that caretaking my dad and going through an adoption process is nothing...but this way I feel that I'm moving forward with my career. I guess I'm not completely ready to give that up.

I am now off to Shutterfly to make an album of my favorite photos of 2005 - a commemorative piece to celebrate our move to Colorado. I plan to give it to Husband for our 11th wedding anniversary next month. That's right - it's been 11 years. We have had some major Ups and Downs plus a whole lot of tragedy and transition along the way. And I still love him dearly. Meeting him for the first time was an incredible stroke of luck.