Saturday, February 25, 2006

Our very dear friends invited us out to an evening of art and music. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

We attended the Mike David "Spirit of Adventure" photography show with tribal music. Here is an example of his work. This guy has a truly interesting background. He found success in the corporate world and then burned out. On a trip to India, he and his wife hired a sherpa to take them into the mountains to show them sites not often visited by tourists. This is when he discovered his knack for photography - I believe it all started with a digital camera. About 10 years later, this guy is a highly renowned, award-winning photographer.

He found his niche in his mid-40's by sheer happenstance. His story gives me hope that I too will one day discover my blossom. (I've always been a late bloomer.)

As I sat and absorbed these amazing images from around the world, I began to feel overwhelmed over how lucky I am to live in the Denver area. This move, our home, our new friends...all fell into place almost magically.

Colorado natives like to tell us how the state has fallen apart over the last several years. They cite the traffic, the cost of housing, and the people who are unfriendly.

I just shake my head with a smile and tell them that it's all about Perspective. Compare this place to California and it really is Incredible. California is over-crowded with competitive, angry people who are trying to feel good about buying an $800,000 fixer-upper. So few people can afford Bay Area housing. But sadly, even the lucky ones who do own homes are robbed of the joy of ownership because they are stressed over making the mortgage payments. You either live with that stress or you purchase a home in Antioch, CA and commute 1.5 hours each way to work. It's impossible to feel relaxed or successful in the Bay Area. All of my friends are on edge from working and commuting too many hours each day. They're exhausted, but they go through the motions of socializing on the weekends. It's difficult to experience joy when you're burnt out and tired.

After the spectacular show tonight, we all went out to dinner and laughed and ate for over 3 hours. There was no rush and it was relaxed fun. We dined here. Husband had the sausage lasagna. I had the lobster fettucini. Our friends had a buffalo burger and the eggplant pasta. And we all shared a big 'ol slice of warm, chocolate cake. What a feast and what a treat. Time flew by so quickly.

I am so thankful for this life. I am thankful for the sun breaking through the clouds. I am thankful for good friends and new experiences. I am thankful for my sweet husband and my affectionate cats.

I am thankful to be alive.