Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Agony & The Ecstasy is Very Real, People

I have 20 new jewelry pieces to deliver to a retail site today. Eyes, fingers and toes are crossed!

I have made the pieces smaller, with fewer high-priced items such as the Buddha clasp that costs $13.00 wholesale. Once that amount is tripled, you're looking at about $85.00 per piece minimum. So, I've ramped things down to hit a new retail price threshold of $35.00 to $59.00.

Sales of the original pieces have been strong, but I'd like to increase my overall sales volume substantially.

I never understood the internal agony that artists experience in selling their work. I've always been a sales manager so I felt strongly (gloated) that selling the items had to be the easiest part of the process. Then I started to make my very own art works and I was spoon-fed one big 'ol piece of Humble Pie.

Rejection of one's creative output is terrible. It's personal and painful and I resist having to sell my pieces to shop owners. Consequently, I have hired several friends to rep my products for me. So far, it's working.

It's pathetic to have ever called myself a sales person, really.