Thursday, April 13, 2006

Telephone conversation with the wife of my husband's brother (mother of Older Girl and Sweet Girl), aka Sister-In-Law:

Jill: Your mom called from California today. She's trying to reach you because she has an emergency situation.

SIL: Oh really? What?

Jill: Well, she was sobbing. Apparently she took out some debt for your sister, who is unable to pay her back. You mom said that she needs $2,500 or she's going to jail.

SIL: HA! HaHaHaHa! Is she crazy? She wants me to give her $2,500?

Jill: Yes. But she needs you to call her first so she can explain her situation.

SIL: HA! HaHaHaHa!

Jill: SIL, she was seriously upset, crying, and frustrated that she doesn't have your number or know how to reach you.

SIL: Well, I'm not giving her $2,500.

Jill: Can you please call her? Also, what's up in Kansas? I heard that you were buying a 3 bedroom house?

SIL: Well maybe, or we might buy two houses. We're trying to decide.

Jill: Listen, you idiot. Husband and I have personally given you more than $15,000 to bail you out of your IRS problems, put food on your table and clothe your kids. That's in addition to all of the money the rest of the family has given to you. And none of us have ever asked you to pay us back. Now, you're talking about buying two houses, but you can't even have enough compassion to call your mother and find out why she's in such a desperate situation? It's $2,500 lousy dollars. You lack gratitude and decency and your selfishness overwhelms me. If it wasn't for your kids, we would have nothing to do with either of you, you stinking drug addicted, alcoholic, child abusing idiot.

Okay, I didn't actually say that last part....but its been running through my mind ever since we had that conversation. If I actually speak my mind to these people, I'll never see the kids again.

I genuinely dislike this woman. I don't care that she's a former prostitute. But I do care that she tells Older Girl that she cheated on her husband - Older Girl's father. She's an idiot. Period.