Saturday, April 01, 2006

Howz this as a testament to my fitness level:

At 7:00am this morning, I sat at my desk and stretched my arms over my head as I yawned. Two things "snapped" in my neck and my entire left side went into rigor mortis. Except that there was a whole lot of pain. And I couldn't move. After a muscle relaxant, a hot shower and several crying fits, I am now able to function again. Hello?!! Message from the Universe: Get off your walrus-ass and start working out!

It occurs to me that I am suddenly overloaded:
  • Caretaking my father.
  • A 15 year old teenager now living with us full time. And her bags are packed full with issues that are not her fault.
  • Attending school for a masters and managing a surprisingly heavy homework load.
  • Team Learning meetings at least once weekly plus two team projects to complete.
  • Social activities planner/manager for the HOA.
  • Neighborhood Watch Block Captain.
  • Marketing Director freelance work for the company that employs my husband.
  • Making and selling jewelry.

We met with our adoption counselor yesterday for about 3 hours. She's really nice and very professional. She walked around the house and didn't have much to say in terms of what we need to safeguard or fence. I guess she's just responsible for saying that we can provide an adequate home environment for the kids. Next, we go get fingerprinted so they can run a criminal background on us...including my dad and Older Girl. Best news of all: She didn't make a single comments about all of the cats or the furballs floating through the air in each and every room. Phew!

We are waiting to hear back on our final tax bill. We always, always get alot of money back but I'm afraid this year will be radically different. Hope I have enough in the nest egg to cover the amount. I've put off finalizing the paperwork because I'm worried....but my worry has increased tenfold because I don't know what we owe. Kids, here's a great example of why it's never, ever good to procrastinate on your taxes.

I'm craving deviled-eggs. Hugely. And I can't drive to the store to get them. Hopefully, Husband will come to the rescue.

I am fully aware that my writing quality has slipped several notches. I used to take the time to create a comprehensive and (hopefully) creative blog. Sadly, I ain't got time for none of that. (The grammar has slipped too.) Or more precisely, it's just not in me anymore. I read Jennifer's writing and Rachel's writing and think that I really need to spend more time on my quality. Then, I just blurt out my thoughts and let it go at that. I envy Circe's ability to be humorous. I don't have that. I don't even have the desire to make the blog creatively attractive like Alexa. No interest whatsoever. Used to be that I could snap a few cool photos and use those (though not as well as Nomad and Carmi), but my photos now consist of jewelry cataloging. Which is boring to everyone except me. So I apologize for being a bit raw lately. It's all I got at the present time.