Thursday, March 30, 2006

Just a Big, Ol' Mish-Mash

1. The reunion was wonderful, even though we spent a significant amount of time baring our souls and shedding more than a few tears. There are some people in this world who remain close...despite a growing number of years in between visits. I love these gals.

2. Our lives are just like everyone else's: Each person has some amazingly wonderful aspects to their lives and they also have hardship and pain. The mix is different with each person - but it's all there. So the end result is that overall, we're all the same. No one is any better off than the other.

3. My father is obsessed wtih s woman who he dated more than 50 years ago. He remains convinced that she was "the one that got away" and the will feel the same way about him. He wrote two letters to her, which she received...and then promptly called the police because she was afraid that it was a scam. She doesn't remember my dad one iota.

4. My friends were kind about my walrus-state, but their concern was silently etched onto their faces. I hate that. And it's my fault.

5. I cannot wait until Older Girl is back home with us on Saturday. Her trip to Virginia is going great - but she calls every day to tell us that she misses us and can't wait to get back. I love that girl something fierce.

6. Once she's back and settled, we are going to chat. Privately, safely and with lots of love.

7. The adoption counselor is swinging by the house tomorrow to check us out. We haven't done anything to prepare. I'm oddly calm despite the greasy stove and disarray in my office. I'm thinking that she's going to want to see how we really live, isn't she?

8. Husband is about done carving a 5' wall fountain with a lion's head spitting water. He does an amazing job and I'll post a photo soon.

9. I have a weird rash on my legs. It's a tad upsetting. 'Nuff said.

10. It's 8:30pm and I'm exhausted and I'm going to bed. Cannot face all of the homework that's due on Tuesday...the drama with Dad's love life (he thinks every woman he knows wants to marry him)...the concern over the kids...the anticipation of the Dad's CHF...and that damned rash. (scratch, scratch)