Sunday, April 09, 2006

I've been nonstop busy managing the details of an art competition for our HOA. We had about 65 kids sign up for the contest yesterday - ages 5 through 16+. Basically, I bought solid wooden eggs, drilled a hole in the bottom and inserted a 1/8" round dowell, which is inserted into a drilled hold in the wooden 3x3 base. So it looks like an egg sculpture. The kids can use any medium to decorate the egg - and we'll be awarding prizes and ribbons next week.

This is a little activity that Husband and I did during one of our Spring Parties in the Bay Area. It was a fairly big far as personal, little garden parties go.
I've got tons of updates regarding Older Girl, but I'm trying to take a break from my worry and concern. I am scheduled to meet with a family law attorney in a couple of weeks.

Husband is helping me make a new display unit for my jewelry. I have completed my spring line of bracelets and earrings and need to deliver the pieces to one of my retail sites. Hope to have it all completed later today. Right now, it's time to rub the ochre stain over the silver paint so that the frame looks slightly aged. Then, I'll insert the corkboard that is covered in black velvet...and then hang the pieces with tiny, black pins.

I plan to spend the day at Big Lots and Cost Plus to purchase the prizes for the art contest. Footballs for boys, frisbees...just fun, summer toys. No Xboxes, and nothing with violent characters. I sure would like to find a few Slip 'n Slides. Remember those? We used to spend hours playing on it at my neighbor's hours. Drinking lots of grape Kool Aid and eating Pixi Stix. And this was my absolute favorite toy. Sort of scary, huh?