Friday, May 05, 2006

For Alexa...and all of you other Curious George's

It's amazing how many women have thought about getting Botox but resisted because of the Fear Factor. The gals at Bunko were fascinated by my decision (they know that I don't ususally go for this type of thing) and wanted more information. Every Single Woman Wanted to Try It To Get Rid of their Wrinkles. My guess is that half will actually go through with it.

At $15 bucks a unit, it isn't cheap. Most applications require 20 units.

And I was scared. I was asked to sign a 3 page release form detailing all of the horrible side effects that could occur. I was especially concerned about being allergic to Botox because of my issues with Bee Stings, salt and mint.

However, my doctor had never seen an adverse allergic reaction to Botox.

It's basically a protein extracted from bacteria. It's been used for years on patients with facial spasms because it blocks the nerve endings to the targeted muscles...forcing them to relax.

I constantly walk around looking stern and unhappy because of these deep, deep frown lines between my brows. I'm tired of it, pure and simple.

I was surprised to learn that the effects of Botox don't occur right away. In most cases, it can take up to 10 days to see any changes. However, I noticed that the severity of my lines has lessened already. And that makes me happy.

My doctor also informed me yesterday that she can "fix" my lazy eye with Botox (note the photo above). Just a couple of injections in my upper eyebrow muscle and my droopy eye will match my normal eye. This is all fine and dandy but nothing urgent for me - I need to wait to see how my first injection works and then determine if I will do it again.

It's expensive...but the results are amazing.

My next step will be to start a routine that obliterates the sun damage on my face. It would be soooo coool to be able to walk around without make-up again...with glowing, fresh skin.

Sigh. I miss those carefree days, I really do.