Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The gal at the shelter called yesterday to tell me that Mr Noodle wasn't eating because he was depressed. We'd been approved to adopt him...could we get down there soon to pick him up?

I jumped into the car and was on the road in less than 4 minutes. After a quick stop at Target for a dog bed, collar and leash, I was back on the highway and willing myself to not speed too much. Mr Noodle is the original Wonder Dog. He's all snuggles and waggly tail and we are both so, so happy to have him.

In other news, Walter Pigeon has successfully completed his rehab and was released today. I had to feed him through an eyedropper for 4 days until his mojo returned. He burst out of his box like a rocket as soon as we arrived at the park this afternoon...never looking back. There were dozens of pigeons around plus a lake and a bridge, so I think that he will now be living La Vida Loca.

Seriously, how often does one get a 2nd chance at life?

I hope there's someone around to catch me when I need mine.