Saturday, December 22, 2007

I spent 1.5 hours at the cancer center yesterday and did nothing more than talk with the doctor. In retrospect, it was a good thing that I didn't get the iron infusion because it makes the patient "achy and sore" for several days. Yeah, that would make Christmas in Bed a real fun event. I am now scheduled to go in for my infusion sometime in January. I'll need a total of 10 treatments. Each one carries a risk of my having an allergic reaction resulting in my throat closing/inability to breathe. "But when that happens, we just call over to the ER and they help out."

Ummm. Why do I want to do this? Because I've always wanted to puff smoke out of a Trach hole?

Oy Vey.

My Christmas shopping has been done for about a week. We're going Xmas Lite this year - sort of a watered down version of the celebrations in the past. No big presents, stockings only, filled with quirky fun stuff. One little mini-tree sitting on a table in the family room. A few decorations outside but no lights. Stockings and a wreath on the wall. And that's about it for the "Family in Hibernation Mode." We won't be seeing any family or friends or attend any parties. We've got to get through this RSV season without any sickness - hopefully insuring that the baby won't develop asthma or other chronic respiratory problems that could plague him for the rest of his life.

Husband is easy to buy for....he never ever goes out and spends money, so I wind-up getting him most of what he needs anyway. This year he'll find windshield wipers, car wash tokens, a leather/silver bracelet (very bohemian), an automatic wrench, a "radar" measuring tape, the Hillary nutcracker, a bottle of Cornhuskers, the new Eagles cd, chonies, gc's for Starbucks/ Barnes & Noble, a snowman kit, hand warmers, baseball cap with light, Altoids (his favorite) etc. in his stocking.

Next year, I want us all to get snowshoes so we can go out and tromp around in the snow.

The baby is getting a few things but nothing elaborate. A stuffed dog, a dump truck, magnetic blocks, tub toys and a laughing Ernie ball. Once we get through these critical first two years with the RSV Aversion, I think we'll be able to get out more and whoop it up again.

During the baby's 15 month check-up last week, I asked the doctor about the likelihood of the baby needing Synagis again next year, and he replied "Highly Likely"...although he wasn't optimistic that insurance would cover the cost. At $1500 per injection (the baby already receives two each month now and will probably need three each month next year), I almost fainted. (Our current medical coverage is 100% of the cost. I believe that I can speak with relative authority in stating that we can't afford $4,500 per month out of pocket for these shots. What the hell do people do? No wonder there are so many bankruptcies in this country.)

The other issue that was discussed was the baby's lack of weight gain over the last month. He's holding steady at 19lbs which puts him in the less than 3% percentile. I've tried Pediasure with no luck - too sweet and too filling. Baby Boy stops eating completely after 2 ounces of the stuff. So now we're back to formula (Enfacare) and adding an additional 1.5 teaspoons of dried formula. Amazingly, the baby will drink it up. It's really helping him fall asleep faster at night too. Now, we're trying to wait patiently to see if the baby gains any weight.

Beyond all of that, the baby is doing great - our pediatrician is thrilled with his progress over the last is his Pt, OT and his proud parents.

It's an odd thing, but now that we have Baby Boy, I don't feel driven to have all kinds of materials things or to receive lots of gifts. A small, quiet Christmas is going to be just perfect. I am just tickled to have this little boy to love.