Monday, February 18, 2008


It's the best word to describe how we are all doing. Husband came home with a bug last week. The baby caught it first and was down for most of the weekend. It hit me today and I am just dragging myself around the house.

I read a disconcerting article today about the likelihood of Baby Boy not meeting his growth trajectories because he is so underweight right now. He also has a higher risk of having (lack of) bone density issues in the future. His illness over the last couple of days has only set us back once again.

Here is my most favorite news website of all. I know that it is "soft" news, but I love reading Britain's perspective on Americans. They also tend to be more candid in their reporting and I obtain details that I can't find here in the states. It is quite simply my Must Read of the Day. I still dream of the day when we can move to London for a few years. Although I have to say that I am a bit put-off by all of the knife stabbings going on over there. No guns? Just go Shank (heh) someone. Yikes.

I'm off to bed with my Nyquil.