Thursday, March 06, 2008

It hurts to have strep throat.

For three days, I was delirious from a 102+ temperature and all-over body aches. I finally dragged myself to the doctor and received a Z Pac...which seemed to work immediately. Holy Mano. I spent one of those days just sobbing because there was absolutely no comfortable position, and I didn't think that the pain was ever going to go away.

It didn't help that Husband couldn't stay home to take care of the baby because he had convinced himself that he was on the brink of getting fired. He shared this little tidbit with me at 3am on Monday morning as I was begging begging begging him to stay home that day.

Suddenly, this job that I have absolutely loathed was starting to look pretty good. Perhaps influenced by a high fever. Nonetheless, I squeezed all of the details out of him and started to role play what he should say during his meeting later that day with his manager. He walked out of the house that day prepared with his list of Mea Culpa's and solutions for improvement.

Turns out that he was in trouble for dropping the ball on a project but overall, they are extremely happy with his performance. It made me wonder, How in the world can a person be so dang paranoid and out of touch? Then it occurred to me that I used to be the very same way when I worked. He and I are alot more alike than I care to admit.

The baby has been throwing up all week, so I've stayed away from table food and just focused on getting at least 6 ounces of formula down him at each sitting. Our OT won't be pleased, but I think he is starting to slowly gain weight again, and that is my ultimate goal for now.

Baby Boy continues to Twaddle (more of a waddle than a walk) around the house at breakneck speeds. He's added three words to his vocabulary, but we're still quite a bit behind.

Husband's dad is still in the ICU recovering from surgery. Between a trachea, a food tube and being on the's been very slow progress. We're just thankful that he's hanging in there.

I can now recite lists of all of the characters on Sesame Street, Barney and Dragon Tales. Despite spending a couple of hours a day on the Internet to read world news, etc. and eating plenty of mind has shriveled down to the size of a walnut. I'm waiting to start school this fall after my (assumed) surgery this summer, but in the meantime, I'm dying a slow and painful cerebral death.

Good Read suggestions are gratefully accepted.