Wednesday, March 19, 2008

During our 18-month check-in last week, our Ped asked me to stop giving the baby his Prevacid. Cold Turkey. To see if the baby had grown out of his reflux.

It was a Disaster.

Around 1am on Monday morning, the baby woke up screaming in a shrill, desperate way. I ran into his bedroom and his back was arched and his hands were in a claw position. He wouldn't let me pick him up and was just inconsolable. Husband ran in and helped me get the baby up and out of the crib, and we held him for the next 4.5 hours. I was able to get him to take a few bites of custard mixed with Prevacid and it seemed to finally kick-in around 5:30am.

Since this incident, we've been giving the baby Prevacid twice daily and he's now 1) sleeping throughout the night without waking up and crying at all and 2) eating better. The 2x a day dosage was always an option, but we had decided against it because we've read that Prevacid can deplete iron/bone density. But now, it's painfully obvious that the baby needs this dosage level.

It's amazing how tiredness or irritability will fly right out the window when your baby is in pain.

We're hoping his reflux is under control for now...and that he'll grow out of it within the next couple of years. We'd also like to make some gain on the eating issue. Baby Boy's OT has put him at 6-months developmentally for his penchant to put everything in his mouth these days. And we're at less than 10 months overall for his eating patterns. And despite his ability to climb like a gecko, our PT's recent assessment still puts him several months behind developmentally for most gross motor skills.

We're still moving forward and developing new skills almost daily. And they (OT, PT, ST, MD) tell me that this is what's important. That we'll "catch-up."

I take their words to heart and deeply hope that this will be the case.