Sunday, March 16, 2008


We (finally) broke the 20lb glass ceiling at yesterday's Synagis appointment. Baby Boy weighed in at 20lbs 7 oz....until he cried so hard from the shot that he threw-up his entire morning bottle. All over daddy. They both came home covered in the stuff and had to be put right into the shower.

Last week, the baby spent over an hour with his OT and ate a full tablespoon of avocado and some cinnamon bread. Then he took an entire bottle while sitting at the table. It was an exciting session. Sadly, at the very end, he gagged and then threw-up the entire amount. I was so frustrated, I couldn't help but cry. It's as though we make progress but it doesn't hold. I keep wondering what I'm doing wrong, but the doctor told me last week that he suspects that the problem is a oral sensory issue. Nonetheless, I'm hoping to go to a feeding clinic to get another opinion and more help. We are not going to gain the weight until this child starts eating table food.

Okay, I'm inspired to make Mac n Cheese for breakfast.

Forward Ho. I hope!