Saturday, March 15, 2008

Husband and the baby are at the Synagis clinic for the once monthly vaccine against RSV. It is the only time that I am alone in this house and it feels...beautiful. The quietness, the absence of having to constantly monitor the baby to insure he doesn't find a hidden piece of schmutz to eat, the vast open space to do whatever the heck I want to do. Sure, it only lasts about 45 minutes, but for now? My introverted self is re-energizing and reveling in my aloneness.

We suffered total technological breakdown last week. The satellite service wouldn't move to a different room. The microwave broke (Built-in, 10 years old.). The washing machine broke (Front-load, 2 years old). The high speed internet service shut down due to recent updates by McAfee. (It was a slow death that took me back to the dial-up speeds from many years ago. I thought I was going mad. Two hours on the phone with the service provider and the McAfee agent and we are once again back up to speed.)

I don't want to buy a new microwave and I'm bitter that my highly-rated (Consumer Reports) washing machine is a lemon. The Sears folks are denying that it is a manufacturing error (covered under warranty). I'm incredulous that the thing could break down at such a young age.

Last week we rented a huge trash container and purged the basement. Old Christmas garland that had turned gnarly, stacks of Christmas gift boxes that never got used, crumpled gift wrapping, old work files, battered old leather shoes that had hardened and cracked, floral comforter covers from the 90's....stuff that was clogging my space and my brain. Sadly, we're not done yet. But it's a start and it's helped.

One piece of good news last week: Baby Boy was accepted into a preschool program that starts in September. He'll be 2 years old by then and will attend one day week. I hope it's not going to be too much for him to handle - but I have to believe that having exposure to other kids is going to be a good thing.

Ummm. They're back. Time to make breakfast.