Sunday, April 27, 2008

Quick Update: Sickness. No Sleep. That About Sums It Up.

The baby has been sick most of the week with a runny nose, fever and vomiting. This morning, he started to whimper. This is never good..mostly because it tells me that he's in terrible pain. But also because I tend to cry out of sheer frustration of not being able to help it all go away. Motrin can only do so much. And my little guy is utterly miserable.

I spent a few hours with the baby in the middle of last night just holding and cuddling him...trying to get him back to sleep. Whenever I adjusted myself in the chair, he'd grab on tight to my hand and then pull it around his waist to insure I was holding him closely enough. Then, he'd turn his head around and give me a (very wet) kiss right on the lips. This boy's sweetness just takes my breath away.

My efforts to teach the baby to play the harmonica last week resulted in me getting sick myself. Dangnabbit, I've got a fever and an uber-sore throat again. I'm hoping to fend off strep this time, but he and I are so sick right now, I'm not holding my breath.

Husband's dad is back in the hospital. Huge, major complications encountered at the rehab facility. Husband and I have made a pact that we will never, ever send the other person to one of those Gawd-awful places. Their motto seems to be: If you can't rehab yourself, then you're destined for the nursing home, because the staff is no where to be found. Truly, gut-wrenchingly awful. (Don't bother telling me that wrenchingly isn't a real word. It's a Jill-ism.)

Husband realized that he was going to change jobs "for all the wrong reasons" and he is now Back In The Saddle again. I am so thankful - and my stress level has diminished drastically. It's amazing to me....he absolutely loves this job. I just think the stress of his dad's sickness completely overwhelmed him.

I get to schedule my (abdominal) surgery on Monday. Yee. Haw.

That's about all that I can muster today. My throat feels as though it's being slashed with a Ginsu knife so it must be time for more TheraFlu.