Sunday, June 01, 2008

My Big-H surgery was originally scheduled for later this week - but my lungs are still in pretty bad shape, so I had to cancel. The good news is that my mother in law is still flying in for 5 days which will give me a much needed break to finally, finally get back in to see my MD and get over this bug.

The baby has rebounded really well, and I'm happy to report that he is on his 4th day of non-vomiting. I have to say that May, 08 was undoubtedly one of my toughest most difficult months ever. Husband's dad passing away, me being home alone with the baby with both of us sick-sick-sick. Which leads me to ask, How the heck do single moms do this?! I mean really.

How. Do. You. Do. This?

Up several times a night to change him/the bedsheets. Trying to soothe him to sleep when he's lying in your arms moaning. Cleaning the throw-up off the couch, the floor, the table, your clothes, his clothes, the pillows, the rug, the stroller, the car seat, your hair....ugh. Taking him to the doctor's office and trying to hold him through his fussiness and hollering. Holding him steady for the eardrops, nebulizer, oral antibiotics, Prevacid, Benedryl, Tylenol.

All while you are horribly sick yourself!?

Oy Vey!

I realize that all parents do this stuff, but man oh man. I have a profound respect for single moms who do it alone.

I am gearing myself up to go back on the Blood Type diet and start seeing my naturopathic doctor again. My stomach hasn't been "normal" for years and it's gotten especially fussy since I had my gallbladder removed.

This type of "medical care" is a really cool process. First, they analyze a hair sample to look at the body's chemical levels, then the MD inspects an eye to see how all of the organs are functioning. Apparently the eye exam is very telling and reveals most all of what is going on with the body. This process is all very non-Western and involves the regimented consumption of lots of enzymes and other non-prescription pills.

The Blood Type diet will basically eliminate all of the foods that I eat every day. Wheat/bread, milk and most cheeses except goat cheese, oranges, mushrooms, cantaloupe, black pepper. Corn. Yup, everything that I crave that is keeping my digestive system in a constant state of disruption.

I am also preparing for the baby's Swallow Study which is a barium x-ray. He's going to have to ingest 1/2 a cup of gloopy stuff to be able to do the exam...and this is going to be a Challenge. The kid hates solid food. Period.

I'm off to go give the Siamese his new meds. We spent 3 hours at the cat hospital last night (10pm - 1am) because he went into respiratory distress. He kept putting his little paws over his head and just cried and cried. I seriously thought I was going to lose him, and I'm just devastated. I love this cat so much, he's been such a dear sweet cuddly love.

It's hard to let go.

Thank you for your comments and email. We are alive and mostly well. Gettin' Better Each Day.