Sunday, December 21, 2008

Easy Does It

I have been enjoying an entirely different kind of Christmas season this year. And it's been fabulous.

Baby Boy is going to receive a few gifts from Santa, including the Radio Flyer Bouncy Horse.

No more gifts to extended family (except my MIL), and my husband and I are not sharing gifts this year either. The house is completely decorated and we dance around every night to Christmas music with just the light from the Christmas tree. On Christmas day, we'll have stuffed french toast in the morning and watch some favorite dvds. We'll call family and then go outside and play in the snow. Dinner will be ham with ruby sauce, creamed peas with onions, smashed sweet potatoes and winter salad. Husband and I will sip gin martinis and take photos of the baby and just enjoy being home together.

My life-changing event is looming close - only eight days away. I am cautiously optimistic, nervous, at peace, resolute, resigned and excited.

I am ready to get back into the world. When everything crashed in 2005, I just wanted to slink away and get lost in suburbia. I definately achieved my goal of "checking out" and becoming settled with my absolute loss of ambition.

I'm well rested now and ready to discover the next chapter in my life. Last week I told Husband, "Do you realize that we are Middle Aged?" He laughed and replied, "Honey, we were middle aged years ago. We are now at the age of being grandparents - 45-65 years old."

I almost fell over onto the floor. He's right. I'm older than middle aged and didn't realize it until now.

All the more reason for me 1) Enjoy the Christmas with my son, 2) Continue forward with my Major Decision, and 3) Figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life so I don't automatically go back to what I've always done and fall into a similar Rut.