Saturday, September 26, 2009

I am shocked by the number of age spots on my hands. My skin is starting to get crinkly on the backs of my hands and my fingers are looking wrinkled and slightly shiny...something that I associate with my grandmothers.

How did this happen?

I have been so consumed by life in recent years, that I have failed to recognize how quickly I was aging. Now I'm looking at myself and thinking, "OMG. Reverse! Reverse!"

Ever-so-slowly, there are these weird lines forming around my mouth. So despite waxing and bleaching, I still look like Tom Selleck...which is not a good look for a woman/mother who has to hang out with other mothers at least 10 years younger... because she is OLD. And spotty.

And I don't even want to touch on the effects of gravity.

My love and inner spirit seem boundless and suspended in a place where there are no clocks or gradual decay.

What a strange dichytomy.