Monday, June 21, 2004

Beaten by the Cheaters and More

1. Tonight, we present our plans to the City and learn whether or not we get approved for the remodel. Eyes, finger, toes....crossed.

2. Zero movement forward on the adoption. My husband chose to not tell me the many multiple steps left for the remodel approval process prior to Breaking Ground...until yesterday. Had I known, the adoption paperwork would have been completed months ago. I'm currently unclear on why he didn't disclose this sooner.

3. I'm engaged in a Tug of War with my physician over my reflux pill. I need to go in to do bloodwork and they won't release more pills until that happens. Honestly, how do people successfully manage their jobs and keep up with personal life issues?

4. Peroxide and Neosporin really do the trick with Wounds. My recommendation? Buy stock.

5. In a recent staff meeting, my Director gave updates on several investigations that I'm conducting to catch several employees cheating on their sales and pocketing the commissions. The Director who manages the division with the cheating employees took that information and told them to "Stop - because Sales knows what you are Doing." OK, call me crazy, but isn't that Aiding and Abetting? If it turns out that I don't have enough documentation at this stage, then it's all over. The Director's actions have made this company a place where It Really Does Pay to Cheat.

6. I (finally) realized that I want to push a move to another house/another area to shake things up in my marriage. I (finally) realize why I'm antsy and want change. Why is it is so damn difficult to truly get to the Root Cause? Why do I constantly get stuck on the first level of awareness, shrouded in Denial?

7. My cat Pit has an ear infection and it's smelly/ugly gross.

8. Alas, it's time now for me to get into the car and get to work. I must skadaddle.