Friday, November 11, 2005

The Gift

It was a wonderful day filled with friends and unexpected treat especially when you consider that we have lived in Colorado for less than 4 months.

It started with a birthday-breakfast celebration with my new friend and neighbor Tina. She gifted me with two tubes of body lotion (so I don't turn into a piece of chipped beef here in the land of zero humidity). Then, I opened the Wowie-Zowie giftbag. Tina had observed my Saint Francis of Assisi statue in the backyard (protector of animals) and got a kick out of the fact that I displayed it prominently despite being a non-Catholic. That led her to give me a Saint Francis of Assisi nightlight...for my kitties as they use the comfort station in the middle of the night. I laughed so hard I's perfectly kitchy. Tina is so very thoughtful and funny.

We then spent the day looking at furniture on Antique Row in Denver. We purchased nothing, but we had a great time discovering several unique treasures: An 1800's wheat measuring box from China, two leather Baker club chairs, a Ralph Lauren tartan and floral needlepoint desk chair, and several pairs of vintage binoculars that I almost, almost purchased. We lunched at Pasquini's and enjoyed white chocolate cheesecake for dessert.

Then Husband come home last night Bearing this Gift.

When we were first married, Husband didn't do much in the way of giving gifts and quite frankly, I threw a F-I-T. It was always the accepted means of expressing emotion in my family and if you didn't get a gift then, well, you weren't loved. Consequently, Husband and I went into a tug-of-war of mammoth proportions. I wanted thoughtful gifts. He didn't want to shop. There were a couple of Christmas mornings when I was met with a single, gingerbread cookie while he opened a plethora of Fun Stuff.

Fast forward to this year. I wanted nothing and I was silent when asked. And Husband came home with the bear sculpture bowl pictured above.

What I haven't told him yet, is that I'm already overwhelmed by the gifts that I've received this year. A new home, a new city and a handful of new friends that showed up on our radar incredibly fast. I am living a life of Abundance and I am grateful Because I know where we came from, the darkness, the black cloud that hovered over our heads.

All I wanted to do last night was sit with Husband and talk, snuggle and "cudle." I just wanted to revel in the beauty of my day in this new town with my new friend and relive the moments of laughter and discovery. I wanted to tell my Husband how much I love him, appreciate him and thank him again for making this move with me.

I got all of a really neat gift that truly came from his heart. I'm a lucky girl.