Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Moral Dilemma

Each of us is born with a unique perspective on morality, and while I do know that life events and peer pressure can reshape one's willingness to do certain acts, I personally believe that our moral fabric is already woven when we shoot out of the womb.

Consequently, I am going to provide some insight into my moral make-up and My Thoughts on sales and telemarketing. Many will disagree with me and that's OK. Alot of people don't tell a cashier when they've been given too much change. Or they feel justified and entitled to take home a box of Sharpies from the office supply closet. I don't sit in judgment of those folks, and I ask that you not judge me for what I am about to write.

This is for a friend.

It's my experience that charitable causes are well-supported by people who are not wealthy. I think these folks have insight into how life can ravage a person through bad luck, bad timing, poor health, etc. These people have gone through it themselves and understand better than the rest of us that sometimes all one needs is a helping hand to begin recovery. And they're willing to support that cause.

Sales can be an honorable profession if it is done with truth and no tricks. It's my experience that people enjoy learning about how something can make their life better. For many, donating to a worthy cause makes them happy. People make choices and one's willingness to say Yes is their right. Unless you've duped them into agreeing to donate toward something illicit, then you have to respect that this is the way that they want to spend their money.

Everyone in the world hates telemarketers. I knew this way back in the late 80's when I started working in sales. The important thing to remember is that the job is a Stepping Stone. You will earn dividends of knowledge every single day - wisdom that you will carry with you as you move forward in your career.

There are many ways to achieve Power in one's life. Some do it through wealth, others through physical attractiveness, some through intellect. Being an independent, single mom is a powerful thing, and you have the ability to do it - you just need to find your niche. Working in sales will put food on the table for you and the kids. It will help you heat your home and purchase toilet paper. Right now, you're living Close to the Bone, and this job will help you tread water as you continue your studies. It's a good organization and you like your colleagues. This is a good thing.

You deserve to be successful and you deserve to earn good money, and I'm not talking about $10/hour. Use this opportunity to soak up the training, the good dialogue with your customers, the reasons for the rejection, all of it. After this, you could move into a business-to-business telesales position and then maybe field sales. You have the sincerity, honesty and personality to do well at it.

At the end of the day, if you truly think that you are manipulating people and duping them, then you have to decide if it fits within your moral guidelines. I suspect you are doing none of the above, just that you are relating to these kind, generous folks and wanting something better for them. That's not within your control and you need to let it go.

My first telemarketing job was to secure funds from superintendents for the placement of outdoor cardiovascular equipment for kids. The workout stations were made out of wood and the price was exorbitant. I was appalled and thought that I was ripping off all of my school district customers.

Later, I talked to them about the wellness programs that they had created as a result of this equipment. I heard about the new health measurement programs that they had launched, and how the community was in total support of these programs.

I was lucky to have seen the benefit of the program after the purchase. If you ever doubt your Good Works through this organization, seek out the recipients and see how their lives have been improved. If your organization is helping others, then so are you.

There are so many paths that we can take in life and it's so hard to feel confident that we are on the right one when we aren't encircled by support. From what I can tell, you are doing Good Works. Believe in it and believe in yourself.