Monday, January 02, 2006

True Confessions

Meme from Alexa:

List 5 weird personal habits/traits and then tag 5 people when you're done. Be sure to link to their websites. (The original instructions were copied directly and turned my computer hinky...?)

1. I love the smell of skunk.
It's never been distasteful to me or caused me to wail outloud. The bonus is that we used to have a resident skunk in our backyard in Northern California, and I remember seeing him for the first time and realizing he was strikinglyingly beautiful. Long, silky white hair against the black. Really, he was stunning.

2. I have never had a one-night stand.
I dunno, the whole stranger thing never appealed to me. Plus, I have always been a one-guy only woman. Given the fact that I grew up in the sixties and was an adult in the eighties, I think this makes me very weird, at least among most of the people who I know in the Bay Area.

3. I cannot sleep on a bed without a bottom sheet.
I don't like the feel of that slippery bed padding material. It's satin-smooth, yet rough and bumpy and it grates against my skin like a scratchy wool.

4. I kiss my cats on the whisker-lips and have asked each one to marry me.
I'm over the moon for these cats. Each one is so precious to me, I worry about them like they are my babies. I simply love and appreciate them dearly and often think what the world would be like without them, if we hadn't found them in time to rescue them. I know that they have opened my heart and filled me with tenderness and affection when I needed it most during trying/crying times. They are my little nutty-buddies.

5. I have never yearned to be pregnant.
I suppose this make me the Anti-Human, and I work very hard not to dwell on stereotyping or labeling myself as less than a woman. I have never, ever felt the need to duplicate myself. I've always been concerned about my ability to be pregnant, gain the weight, carry a baby and have it be healthy. I could never live with myself if it wasn't. This goes deep and may be spurred by the horrific way my parents handled my sister's diabetes, I dunno. I also have very bad emotions when I think about my mom being pregnant with me...something that she didn't want and threatened my sisters to not tell friends or the neighbors. Or maybe I simply missed that gene that gives a woman the obsession to get pregnant. I know that I was willing to get pregnant for my husband's sake, because he wanted kids of his own. But that didn't work out and surgery didn't seem to fix the problem. I've read other people's thoughts about infertility and tsk tsk over the torture they put themselves through. I don't think that I am no longer valuable or desireable because I can't or haven't had a baby. And I am wholeheartedly into the concept of saving the life of a little baby who has already been born and is facing untold horrors and/or stark loneliness in a state-run adoption house. I find that to be the ultimate in living honorably. More so than having my own child. And yes, I'm aware that this makes me very weird.

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