Sunday, March 26, 2006

The In-Laws have been here and left...along with their 4 year old Sweet Girl.

My heart is broken. Along with my storm door and back door screen frame. Oh, and that pesky white ring on the 18th century blanket chest where they placed a hot, steaming cup of coffee is infuriating. It never fails.

I was at my wit's end waiting for them to just Go. I watch them spend their money on beer and online gambling (he plays all.night.long), but they don't buy their kids the necessities. I'm sick and tired of them. Sick.And.Tired. And the breaking of the front storm door was the final straw. I blew. Internally. And went stone, cold silent. Steam was shooting out of my ears and I just turned around and started filing papers in the office.

After they left, I decided to have a Discussion with Husband. "Someone has to talk to them. They were drinking beer at 4:30am when you took Older Girl to the airport." Husband said, "I know. But it doesn't do any good. They don't care! They don't listen! They don't want to change."

Trust me, we are suffering over all of this more than the In-Laws - they are oblivious and "tickled pink" to see the girls get so many new clothes from us. It's completely lost on them. Sister In-Law went shopping last night and came home with a purse and several items for herself. But her kid had no socks - in the dead of winter in Northern California. Funny thing too - once Sister In-Law heard that things were going so smoothly, she started calling more than once a day. In the beginning, she didn't call for 3 days. She didn't want us to "get too comfortable with her baby." I had to bite my lips and not scream at her, "I already know that you drop Sweet Girl off at a friend's house 3-4 days in row most of the time. The rest of the time she cruises around with no supervision because you don't get out of bed. Perhaps YOU should get comfortable with your baby."

Hmph. Snort-snork. Grrruff.

Tell me, how odd is this? Both daughters have a vaginal yeast infection. A 4 year old and a 15 year old. This can't be OK, can it. I plan to talk to the 15 year old as soon as she gets back from Virginia on Saturday. Until then, I can't sleep at night because it's just too odd that they both have this and I have never, ever heard of kids that young getting them. Please, please correct me if I am wrong on this.

My attitude is foul. And the timing is just awful. Two, dear friends are on their way here to spend the next three days together. I've known one since 2nd grade and other since 9th grade. We're going to enjoy a reunion at a spa-hotel, get massages and catch-up with each others' lives. One is newly divorced, I'm a walrus and the other is bored neutral on all things. Should be fun.

Tally Ho for a couple of days.