Friday, March 10, 2006

Meanness & Spite

My husband's father cannot talk about his sister without tearing up. She contracted polio when she was 20 years old and passed away quite suddenly. Husband's dad remains devastated to this day over the loss - and suddenness of being an only child for the rest of his life. Other than his parents, he had no other family. Or so he thought.

My mother in law began doing genealogy research just about 6 years ago and discovered that her husband had a long lost unknown sister to his father who was never acknowledged.

My father in law couldn't believe it, and did more research to find her and make contact immediately. Sadly, they discovered that she had passed away only two short years earlier. My husband's father was devastated.

We'll never know what led this father to never disclose his sister's existence. I'm sure they had a horrendous disagreement and parting of the ways. Regardless, that withholding was cruel. I cannot imagine what drives people to make such horrible decisions that affect others' lives so dramatically.

My husband's father grew up with the loss of his cherished sister at a very young age...only to discover that he had an aunt who he never knew about...until after she had already passed away.

Family fueds, such a waste of time.