Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Must. Buy. More. Beads.

My first full installation went out to the retail site last Saturday. I was too sick to deliver it myself, so Husband took it in for me. He got to hear the shop owner's comments about the jewlery (they loved the mood bracelet the most, go figure) and tried to convey them back to me, as I lay hunkered down in the bedsheets...willing the fever to leave my ravaged body.

I'd like to get over to the store today to check out the display, although we're supposed to get up to 8 inches of snow this afternoon, and I'm still ditzy from the meds.

It's going to be an interesting test - my price points are higher than the store's typical offerings. I don't mind testing the market with higher quality - higher prices. I can always take a lower profit to turn the merchandise, which is easy because I've never viewed this as a serious source of income. Truth be told, it will be nice just to recoup my I can then go out and buy more beads.

Nonetheless, this is fun. Hopefully, something will sell!