Saturday, April 15, 2006

Older Girl spends a significant amount of time on the Internet to keep in touch with her California friends.

Yesterday, she accidentally left my office without logging-out on her My Space site. So there I was, looking at her profile page, which I've done with her several times. I was pleased to see that she had deleted the risque photos of her eating the end of a banana...with her best friend noshing on the other end. Both gazing straight into the camera with their biggest, doe-eyed looks. It was ridiculous.

So there I was, checking out her site and I spotted the Blog and Poem links. I discovered that Older Girl has posted an XXX rated poem to her site, which is visible to all of her friends...both new and old.

Yes, she's 15, yes she had sex when she was 14, and yes I am angry and saddened and alarmed. This poem is explicit, and she doesn't realize the implications or affect that this can have on her and others.

I realize that Older Girl was raised by a woman who held zero boundaries with sex, so I'm prepared that she won't understand the gravity of this posting. But here's the Good News: As long as she lives in our home, the Porn Poem goes. Or there is no access to the Internet and no cell phone.

Tomorrow, we chat.