Thursday, April 20, 2006


Today is the anniversary of the Columbine massacre in Littleton, Colorado. Even though we don't live in that town, someone at Older Girl's high school has left threatening messages around the campus that something similar would happen today. Yes, they have heightened security and extra police officers onsite today. And no, Older Girl is not going to school. After chatting with the counseling office yesterday, I'm satisfied that threats really were made (not just rumors) and being new at this....I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Older Girl has a heavy workload in front of her today in lieu of going to school: Clean the kitchen, fold the laundry, wash the car and help me plant flowers.

I sold 8 pieces of jewelry yesterday during the launch of my new spring/summer line at a local store. If I could do that everyday, I'd net $50,000 annually. Sadly, I'm only tracking to make about $6,000 this far.

Spent one excruciating hour at a government office to obtain my business license. The clerk busted my yams because I still have a California driver's license. This was after I waited in line with a group of surly individuals...while she ran out twice to get sodas for her boss. Afterward, I was trapped in my car on several streets while thousands of kids protested the immigration law issues down at the capitol.

I am fascinated by and their success rate at predicting who will be kicked off the show. Basically, they have computerized dialing that measures the busy signal frequency per contestant...and from that they are able to predict the voting rank with 82% accuracy. I was so relieved to see the results on their website yesterday before the broadcast. I am a staunch supporter of Elliott and didn't want to see him bite the dust. Phew! It's the first week that I actually picked up the phone and voted. I didn't want Simon's prediction to come true.

It's a gorgeous day here in Colorado. I'm outta here to go enjoy the sunshine.